Los Angeles Hardwood Flooring Experts

Nature offers us beauty and warmth in a wide variety of species and styles. Oak is the long-time standard of hardwood flooring. A traditional hardwood floor starts with unfinished wood and is sanded down. It is then often finished with three coats of urethane. A stain can also be added. This takes several days and can be very messy if not done properly. Hardwood floors can be made out of solid wood and treated using the method described above, but many hardwood floors today are made of engineered wood for more stability. Pre-finished hardwood floors also offer myriad choices and optimum durability. Regardless of which type you choose, hardwood flooring offers unlimited styles from American species to exotic woods from every corner of the world.Carpet Los Angeles 91101 Hardwood Flooring Pasadena

Different types of finishes can also further stylize a floor with options for a full bevel, micro-bevel, and pillow edge. The luster or finish can also alter the style of the floor. Hardwood floors can come in smooth, distressed, hand scraped and time-worn. To take it even further, there are also multiple width options. Heat and humidity is a big factor to consider when thinking about opting for hardwood. A 40% to 60% humidity level in the home is ideal. If the humidity level exceeds 60% it’s likely the floor will warp. Our friendly flooring experts will gladly check the moisture levels in your home. When looking for the right hardwood floor consider the other colors of wood in the room or home. The objective is to find a wood that is complimentary. The type of sub-floor you have will also help determine the kind of hardwood that’s best for your home. It may seem like a lot to mill over, but our staff will guide you through every step of the decision making process to ensure that the hardwood floor you choose is the perfect fit.

Residential Hardwood Flooring

Brands such as Anderson, Eco-Timber, Lauzon, Mirage, Shaw, Mannington and more will provide you limitless possibilities for great design.

Commercial Hardwood Flooring

As hardwood flooring ages it becomes even more beautiful. Hardwood makes a gorgeous statement in retail shops. Our custom flooring experts can help you select the best style and brand for commercial use.

Maintenance and Care

Contact us with your exact flooring and we’ll let you know the best maintenance and care plan for your hardwoods.