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Ceramic tile makes a different design statement in the home and is popular in warmer climates. It is predominantly used in areas susceptible to excess moisture such as kitchens and bathrooms. Ceramic tile comes in a wide variety of colors, patterns, sizes, shapes and textures.

Vinyl and linoleum provide resilient hard surface flooring and tend to feel softer under foot than hardwood or ceramic tile. Linoleum provides all-natural, eco-friendly flooring and has been around for over 100 years. Linoleum comes in an extensive array of colors and is extremely wearable and durable.

There have been many advances in vinyl flooring, which is often referred to as “resilient flooring.”

Like linoleum, it’s also extremely durable, and due to its high performance and tremendous value, is often used commercially. Sheet vinyl patterns are printed and can realistically mimic tile, stone, wood, cork and more. There is now fiberglass reinforced vinyl, which is especially soft under foot, and solid vinyl, also referred to as luxury vinyl.

Residential Vinyl, Linoleum and Tile

We carry some of the leading manufacturers with strong reputations for quality, style and value.

Commercial Vinyl, Linoleum and Tile

Vinyl, linoleum and tile flooring is often used in health care, such as hospitals, dental offices and doctor’s offices, due to their more sanitary properties. Our installers are qualified for health care flooring. Vinyl, linoleum and tile also work well in restaurants and retail stores. Grocery stores often use solid vinyl or vinyl composite tile because it’s budget friendly and low-maintenance.